Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Friend Zone

Tonight was date night with the friend in the friend zone. We went to a lovely Italian restaurant (I love Italian) where I drank too much wine and ate way too much bread!! He had his fair share of beer. Great conversation, although, I may have been a bit too loud. We all know I suffer from enlarged vocal cords when I imbibe the forbidden spirits! Anyway, afterwards we retired to my place to have coffee and watch some CSI, because that’s what I do. As soon as we got back to my place he attacked me and I attacked him back. I think this may be part of the problem with switching a long standing friendship to something else. There is already so much familiarity there, that taking it slow doesn’t seem natural. So to say the least, we did not take things slowly and he is officially out of the friend zone. Honestly, It probably wasn’t the best decision, there are plenty of reasons that he and I can not be together. Distance being one reason and there are other more pertinent reasons as well, like friends not accepting it and others. That is not to say it wasn’t a highly enjoyable evening, it was. He knows the reasons just as well as I do. But we will say it was an awesome adventure. Will it ever happen again? I don’t know, doubtful. That may have something to do with what happened after he left.

I started watching a chick flick. OH NO. The end to end all ends. Love Actually is one of my favorite movies and I started to see it in a whole new light. I started to identify with the characters like I never did before. I primarily see myself as a cross between Sarah and the whore receptionist. Sarah is the lovable girl next door with a mentally unbalanced brother who prevents her from making any progress in her love life or any other area of life. I don’t have the mentally disabled brother, but I have my own issues that come into play.. The whore receptionist, who isn’t even worth a real name, is a girl who sets her sights on the unavailable (in the movie, her married boss) and makes herself way too sexy and available to ever be taken seriously. This isn’t the primary part of my personality, but I see it there. Almost all the characters represent me in some way. The cuckolded wife who did nothing wrong but love her man, the guy who makes an ass out of himself and can only see the winning parts of his personality, the catering manager with the thighs the size of tree trunks that almost everyone loves anyway. They are all me to some extent and I guess that’s why I love this movie. And I still do. The fact of the matter is, I’m 34 years old, I need to quit being half of these characters and start chasing available men, men who live in my immediate area, who don’t have serious issues. I’m just thinking aloud and in public, apparently. Enough about that. It was fun and things will not change between us. That awkward moment when we are in the same room with our friends, I imagine will be the worst.

On another note, I reconnected with one of my middle school best friends this past week. It’s kind of funny how two people can have basically the same story and think they hate each other, but neither one does and they don’t know why the other would. We went to the same high school and we were fed lies by others and haven’t spoken in at least 20 years. We have now talked on the phone at least 4 times for almost an hour a piece. Yes, we dated the same guy in high school, but neither of us cared. And like I said, there was really no bad blood. Regardless of the fact that we didn’t talk, we seemed to live parallel lives that only divided when she got married and had babies. I am thankful to have her back in my life and I’m glad I made a small attempt at luring her back in and she snatched up the bait!


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