Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shooters, Drinks, and Knives

Today we will tell the story of the first person I met off the internet. I don’t know why weird stuff just follows me around, but it does. So, I was probably in my late teens and still living at home. I met him in an AOL chatroom. He seemed nice and funny. I agreed to meet him in a parking lot of a 7-11 in a nearby city. We both agreed to bring a friend. This was early internet for fun, so every person on the internet was a potential serial killer. So I met Slick and his friend Oliver. (Of course these are not their real names) We hung out in the parking lot of 7-11 for a while and had a grand ole time, because 7-11 parking lots are awesome.

So two days or so later, there is a story on the news about a guy who was shot in his office building. Not by an intruder but was sitting at his desk on some high floor and a bullet came through the window and killed him. Guess who that shooter was??? Oliver! It could be worse, it could have been Slick. But it took a little while for it to come out that Oliver had been the shooter. He had been in his backyard and claimed to be shooting at birds. Not noticing that there was an office building behind the birds in the distance. We actually hung out with them once or twice after, but I never wanted Oliver around. The news tried to make it sound like the shooting was intentional. Slick tried to make it seem like it was completely accidental. Who knows. Another odd fact, Slick who lived 20 or so miles away, ended up being the ex boyfriend of one of my middle school BFFs! Such a small world.

So, I went out to dinner and drinks with Lefty Survivor, The Garner Lookalike, and Firecat. We had a good time and it was a lot of fun. It ended with me pouring an entire glass of ice water on my lap! LMAO nice! And some guy said he was going to pick up my phone for me, but then he saw who it was. I told him, he should pick it up and hug it, because Romo was so nice to continuously throw the ball to his team over and over. We had some Makers Mark drink that tasted like something you would invent in your kitchen in high school when your parents were out of town. Good, but also odd. LOL

I went to knife skills class with Appears Proper last weekend. I was 3 minutes late and I apparently missed it when our instructor (FOR KNIFE SKILLS CLASS) cut her finger and bled all over the table and cutting board! She didn’t teach us knife safety (not even after cutting herself) she didn’t teach us the claw or any other cutting techniques. She basically wrote sizes on a chalk board and then what they were called. 1/8 x 2 ½ Julienne; ¼ x ¼ small dice. Um, I could have saved 50 bucks and just looked that up on the internet. We had fun anyway. We ducked out just before we had to eat her weirdo soup. I wasn’t about to eat anything prepared by the people in that room, all the running noses and crying from the onions, there was a whole lot of face touching and not a lot of hands washing. So we went to cheesecake factory. J Had a pretty gross pomegranate Mojito. And called it a day.


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