Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Run Fat Girl Run!

The kid’s new foster mother seems to be a giant deadbeat, which makes me wonder, she is supposed to be certified as a therapeutic foster mother and she can’t even drive 30 minutes to visit the kid while she is in the mental outpatient facility. Give me a break. I drove from DC to Richmond to visit and take her out half a dozen times before she was placed with me. Children in this situation have very little trust for adults and going to live with a complete stranger is completely ridiculous. I need to breathe and let go, but I’m still the one who takes the damn phone calls from the therapists and doctors and social workers. She’s not even my ward any more! I guess I’m just the only one who answers the phone and bothers to get stuff done! She gets out of the facility on Friday and then I should get an actual break as she starts the bonding process with the new woman.

I ran an extremely hilly 11 mile race on Saturday. I wasn’t planning on it. I was planning on just running a 15 miler starting at the bottom stairs to my apartment. A friend with a broken toe couldn’t run the race though and it comes with a magic golden ticket to get you early entry into the Marine Corps Marathon. So I ran it for her so she could keep the entry. The Disney Runner told me there was a killer hill, but I thought, it can’t be that bad. Boy was I wrong. I clocked 83 flights of stairs on my altimeter and the entire race was just up and down. One hill I felt I had to climb up using my hands! I was just planning on taking it slow and easy walking whenever I felt like it. There was no time limit listed. Then as the gun went off they announced a cut off of 14 minute miles. I almost turned around and walked back to my car, but I figured, I gotta run anyway. I’ll just go until they pick my ass up. But with those hills it meant I actually had to run-run it. I did and I finished the damn thing. And long after the cut off and then had to stand in line for the shuttle for an hour and a half!
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I thought my new shoes sucked, but I decided I don’t think its my shoes. I used to suffer horribly from blisters and last year I seemed to get magic shoes. No blisters and no injuries. I bought the same shoes, just this years model and blisters are back and unbelievable aches and pains, IT band issues, hip problems, and my arches and heels kill. Then I realized, I gained back all the weight I lost. Well almost all. I don’t think I can run injury free at this size. My own damn fault, I have no idea where my willpower went, but its definitely gone! I actually bought 3 laser lipo sessions off of Groupon! I read that as you gain weight, your fat cells divide and multiply, but when you lose weight, they just shrink, they don’t die. So its easier to gain weight each time, because there are more fat cells to feed. I think this has to be true. I gained 40 pounds in 4 months. You would think I would be sitting around eating boxes of Girl Scout cookies and entire pizzas. Not the case at all. I did get a bit lazy in my exercise routines. I used to run multiple times a week and do core, weight and resistance training. I would workout between 4 and 8 times a week. I actually enjoyed some of it. We all know I had a crush on my trainer, but I hated half the crap we did. There is just no fun in slamming around giant ropes. But I didn’t mind TRX training and oddly kettle bells, which I hated in the beginning. I loved exercise classes. Especially if I took them with a friend.

I let my gym membership lapse and I haven’t set foot in a class in probably 6 months. I do kind of think part of it is a defense mechanism to push people away from me. After the crap with Bacon, who I could care less about now, I think I just didn’t want to invest anything emotionally in anyone else or have them even provide the offer. I can safely say, I’m at the size now, that no one would offer! But I can’t believe I let myself do this! Why can’t I be one of those people who gets pissed off and enjoys getting it out by running? The Jarhead tore through the same course. He had a 6:22 mile on the worst part of the course. Meanwhile, I’m walking through a water stop and some marine gets in my face, “Get some! You’re doing great! Keep up that pace!!” I just looked at him and started laughing. “I’m really going somewhere! Look at me! I’m really going fast, this will be hard to keep up!” He laughed too. Its pretty hard to not laugh at the fat chick walking. LMAO

The funny part is, multiple people came up to me and told me how motivational I was throughout the race. How they just kept watching the back of my green shirt and tried to keep pace with me. Only morons would use me as a pacer. I have no form, no speed, no consistency and well I’m a bitch. This is the second race that people have told me this after. And both of them were horrible races that I tanked on! I've never run a negative split in my life and my second half is usually minutes per mile off of my first half. (Yes, I know what that means, but I can't seem to slow down in the first half to fix it.) People are dumb, but sweet! And hey, they were behind me, so that’s one thing!


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