Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Farewell Old Friend

What world do we live in? I’m just not sure, people ask me why I question my faith in God and honestly the person that this regards would probably want it to affect my faith for the positive and not the negative. But I hear everyone say when God takes someone too soon, why. I have always been able to understand a why. Taking a child and inflicting them with cancer. Yes, its horrible and sad, but you learn so much from it. It grants you empathy and sympathy. Taking one family and taking the patriarch, a loving and devoted father, a man of god. Than less than a year later, you take his son, also a loving and devoted father and a man of God. Far too young to die of a heart attack. I’m pretty sure Mark is younger then I by a year. That family has already learned that lesson and No I don’t expect the rest to live forever, but within a year. It just seems exceptionally cruel. I’m not going to lie. Mark and I were not super close. He was the best friend of my first boyfriend. But I never remember him as anything other than the nicest guy. I’m glad I took the time to like his Fan page and I’m glad that I reached out to him when a friend was having a battle of the bands, so that my last memories of him weren’t 20 years ago.  Our exchange was brief, but I’m glad he knew that I still considered him a friend and still thought of him on occasion. Like I wrote on your page, Mark, you were a good man and you touched many. You were a good kid too. I know your wife, kids, mother, sister, friends and so many will miss you forever, but I know if there is a heaven you would be someone that is in it. Rest in Peace, my friend. I hope it was quick and painless, anything else would have been less then you deserve.

On a side note. A few hours after hearing of Mark’s passing. I lost my job. And now my fish died. Some things really put others into perspective. Small hiccups in the big game. I’ve got a plan, its modified but still intact. I will move on and grow to do the things I was supposed to do. I’m not waiting for opportunity to knock. I’m just moving on. Bigger and better things in my future.



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