Monday, November 11, 2013


Forgive me. I've been reading poetry in school. No worries this will not turn into a poetry blog. :)


You stole a glance from across the room
You brushed my hand as you walked by
You nudged my knee under the table
Where did you come from?

I hadn't noticed you, but you invaded my space
I don't know how, but you contacted me
You knocked on my door asking to be let in
I didn't ask to be noticed

You made yourself at home inside of me
You coaxed me out of my dark places
You pushed down the walls I had built up
I didn't ask for this security

You placed me on a slippery slope and kissed my forehead
You let me compromise who I am and held me tight
You dominated my time and filled my mind
What did I do with my time before this?

You didn't say no when you should have
I would have agreed
You knew things would be strange
How was I supposed to know?

Quietly you came in
Loudly you stayed
Quietly you slipped away
I didn't ask to be forgotten

You stopped sending me messages
My body is long cold from your touch
My door sleeps quietly

Where did you go?



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